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Welcome to Baby Blue Eis! My name is Alexa and I am a first time mom to my sweet as can be baby girl, Eisley Elizabeth, born in September of 2013. One look into those big, blue eyes and  I was head over heels. Mommy-hood has taken my sense of family, self, patience, time management, humor and balance to a whole new level of wonder and amazement and I’m savoring every minute. What a positively, lovely little life changer she has been.

In addition to my full time job as a toddler chaser, I am addicted to baking (butter and sugar make everything better), crafting (yes, one crafting room…work in progress), design (who doesn’t enjoy pairing pretty pieces?) and all things “party” (excessive is my middle name!) I am a big time DIYer with an obsession for details and a soft spot for all things homemade. I am starting this blog as a creative way to document all the happy places, spaces and faces in my life and to connect with those of you who continually inspire me as you embark on journeys of your own.



  1. Hi! I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award as I was nominated by a blog named Stylish Affairs. My post with a description of your wonderful blog is here:


    I had a nomination a bit back, so I only nominated others instead of following the “rules” for the award, but you can find them here:

    Thank you so much for having such a wonderful site! I will enjoy continuing to read.

    Dorian and her Mama


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