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Let’s Do This! Eisley’s Three!


So, here we are at THREE years old! Where has my baby gone and how has it been over a year since I last posted? I swear this is the same child featured in all other posts on this blog, she is just a hell of a lot taller, sassier and egotistical.  My “plan” was to take a bit of a break from the overachieving, must do it ALL or the world is going to end crap in order to reacquaint myself with the it’s okay to take some time to yourself, slow down and breathe crap. Well, all you mama’s out there know what happens when you have said “plan”…that shit never goes accordingly. As if these little humans we are trying to raise to become loving, caring, ethical citizens on this planet we all share give a crap about our “plans.” Well, long story short, a few months turned into over a year and now here we are, mama to a THREE year old! HELP! Yep, now let’s get back to the focus of this post (wait for it) the THREE year old and her Home Depot birthday party back in September!

Do I have to remind you that I am a planner? I have found that it is much more in my favor to be a planner of parties than a planner of my expectations as a mother (work in progress.) I’m a bit of a control freak. Details are my jam. Color palettes put a smile on my face and flowers make my heart skip a beat. Themes excite me in a way that I know puts me in the “she has totally lost her shit” category and I’m okay with that. Here I go, talking about myself again (I’m starting to see where she gets it.)

The story behind Home Depot, you ask? Eisley is completely obsessed. If you were to make her choose between an endless supply of ice cream and a puppy or Home Depot, she would choose the latter. This is where her dad comes in (she is, after all, fifty percent Dave.)  He’s a handy guy, my husband. He can design it, build it, weld it, fix it, varnish it, re-wire it, you name it and he’ll figure out how to do it and make it look damn good. I can’t even count the number of deadly tools (mom anxiety) and gadgets in our garage and please don’t ever ask me to identify them by name (oh you mean that metal, wood cutting, saw thing a ma-jig that I’m fairly certain killed like seven people in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?) When Dave is working on a project in the garage, Eisley is usually right there by his side, staring up at him with her big blue eyes, overflowing with total amazement and adoration. Yes, of course I check on her every five minutes to make sure she is still in one piece and has all 10 fingers and toes but it is the cutest thing in the world to see them get their father-daughter garage bonding time on.

I was thinking I would be laid back this year since I went a little overboard with the first two birthdays but when it comes to parties, “laid back” and I just don’t work well together. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE laid back parties, I’ve just never had one so you can surely understand why they confuse me? So, moving on. The birthday girl decided on bright pink (we can’t get away from it these days) to go with the Home Depot orange. Eisley had two requests: balloons and cupcakes. The rest of all this nonsense was stay-at home mom boredom being put to use mixed with my mother, the ridiculously crafty T-K teacher-enough said. Do I work myself up and stress myself out just a bit when I organize these parties? Hell to the YES! However, the smiles on our friends and loved ones faces is always well worth the effort. Happy third Birthday (September 7th) to my little sunshine! Here are some of the details from the party! Maybe next year we’ll go on a vacation instead! 🙂





















  1. amandafont2014

    I love the theme and how it tied to her love for Home Depot and daddy/daughter time. What sweet details- love the cupcakes and paint colors for the spoons and forks. Can’t believe this sweet girl is already 3! Great job, mama! You are so talented at dreaming a vision and then executing it perfectly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thu

    wow! she’s three?! olive will be three next month! time sure flies! i loved all the details of the party! mama, we’re so alike! not only do we have sassy three year olds, we party plan the same! 🙌🏼😘

    Liked by 1 person

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