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If You Build It, They Will Come.

DSC04987 (2)

This past week my favorite woman in the world (who also happens to be the queen of creative), came to visit and Eisley and I were over the moon with excitement! The rest of the world disappears when Gigi is in town and Eisley was throwing out “I don’t want mama anymore” like I was cramping her style. Its okay baby girl, I get it. I have never loved and appreciated my mom more than I do now that I am a mother with a daughter of my own.  I could go on and on but I’ll just say she’s top-notch and when I grow up I want to be just like her.

DSC04934 (2)

Day One: Prepping

Anywho, one of my summer bucket list to-dos was to build a small garden for E.  I wanted to give her a colorful and imaginative space she could call her own where curiosity and independence go hand in hand and fairies and gnomes are welcome. I thought it would be all the more special to create while my mom was in town since gardening is way more in her wheelhouse than mine. I love gardens but I’m more of a succulent kind of girl where I plant it and let it take care of itself. Our backyard is on a canyon so we are pretty limited in terms of what survives the harsh sun which is why we chose to do herbs, strawberries and some snapdragons for a pop of color. At nearly 23 months, Eisley is obsessed with being outdoors and watering all the plants in the yard. She has a serious love of nature with bees, ladybugs “wizzards” and “honeybirds” (that’s lizards and hummingbirds) at the top of her list. The minute I told her we were going to make a home for all of her little friends, she was hooked and I knew this project was going to be a personal favorite.

DSC04942 (2)


my mom teaching her how to get her hands dirty


DSC05019 (2)

DSC05006 (2)

Day Three: Just Stopping By

DSC04997 (2)

DSC05015 (2)

I’m all about recycling and re-purposing things I already have when it comes to kiddo projects so I used four small, rectangular planter boxes and whatever leftover paint I could find in our garage. My mom and I painted the wood and decided to stagger the planter boxes vertically which required my husband to  build a staircase frame to lean up against the house. We chose snapdragons for the top planter, an assortment of herbs for the middle and strawberries for the bottom. Eisley collected rocks which my mom then hand painted with the word and picture for an adorable, toddler-friendly label. I used Mod Podge as a sealant on the rocks. I painted small, wooden letters spelling her name for some added color and personalization, sealed them with Mod Podge and then glued Starbucks’s coffee stoppers to the back of each letter to use as a steak to place in the dirt.

DSC05038 (2)

Day Six: “Stwaberry” picking

DSC05040 (2)

DSC05042 (2)

DSC05044 (2)

Five Step DIY Planter-Box Garden Tutorial in Pictures:

DSC04919 (2)

1. collect old planter-boxes

DSC04925 (2)

2. build frame

DSC04923 (2)

3. sand and paint planter-boxes

DSC04962 (2)

4. plant flowers, herbs, fruits, etc. in soil

DSC05018 (2)

5. decorate

This garden is the perfect size for my almost two-year old or any toddler/child just starting out. I spent about $50 total on the flowers, herbs, fruit and soil and the rest of the materials needed I already had. Eventually, I would love to incorporate more fruits and vegetables to teach her how fun it is to grow, pick and eat from her own garden. I’d love to hear what you’ve done to get your little ones in the garden. ❤

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Happy Friday!!



  1. amandafont2014

    Such a clever and creative project! I love how the planter boxes are stacked at just the right height and painted different colors. What a fun projects for you girls to do together. No doubt Eisley already has a great love for gardening and the outdoors. 🌱🌿🌾

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks hun! You have such a great garden of your own! I’m sure the girls enjoy it so much. I’ve been wanting to make one for her for awhile now so now I can check it off my list (I know for a fact you’re a list maker too.) 😉 xo


  2. Shoppingwithfelicia

    I say it all the time and it can’t be said enough! Eisley is so lucky to have you as her mama and her Gigi! I hope when I have kids I am half as creative as you! What a beautiful Summer project that will stay with her as she grows with her garden 😉🌸🌱

    Liked by 1 person

  3. thu

    this is amazing!!! you are so creative and fun. i love this. maybe next summer, we can do the same. she’s such a doll and we love her little garden!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Thu! This was some fun mommy/daughter/Gigi (my mom) bonding and she just loves checking on her garden a few times a day and I like that it gives her something to take care of that’s her own. 😉 I’m sure you and Olive would have a ton of fun w a little garden next summer. ❤️Xoxo


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