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All hopped up on Easter

Spring photo shoots in Grandma’s garden, ridiculously yummy treats, and bunny baskets— check!  A little late getting around to posting this weeks activities and I’m about to crash from a serious sugar high, but the photo montage overload begins…now!

First up, baby girl’s photos!

DSC03897 (2)

DSC03973 (2)

DSC03923 (2)DSC03925 (2)

DSC03963 (2)

DSC03946 (2)DSC03931 (2)

DSC03866 (2)

DSC03976 (2)

DSC03956 (2)

DSC03846 (2)

Shop the look –> Dress: Mimi & Maggie | Boots: Bobux

Next up, one of my go-to favorite cookie recipes using boxed cake mix! Seriously easy if your tight on time (as in, I made them Easter morning) and soooooo dang good! I mix up the candies depending on the occasion but you can’t beat the deliciously sinful combo of Oreo’s and M&M’s. I crafted these miniature Easter basket cookie holders using cupcake liners and pipe cleaners. Add some festive crinkle grass as a cushion for your cookie and your masterpiece is ALMOST too adorable to eat!




Last, we have E’s Easter basket. I usually browse the dollar bins at Target before hitting up EVERY OTHER DEPARTMENT in the store. This year’s basket was: her very own camera to fulfill the need to steal and break mine; a book about bunnies and potties because it’s Easter and the training begins this month; Sesame Street bath tile decals because a day without Elmo and Cookie doesn’t exist in this household; a collection of  flower grow kits so she can have her own little garden; and some bunny ears for yet another photo op.

DSC04030I am actually pretty happy to say goodbye to all this Easter prep-it was exhausting! 😉 Hoping everyone had a Happy Easter weekend!

Flashback to last Easter. Where did my little, baby bunny go? ❤

Easter 2014



  1. amandafont2014

    Hoppy Easter! What a cute photo montage in Grandma’s garden. I bet she had so much fun exploring! I’m in LOVE with the dress and shoes! Amazing!! What a fun book to encourage potty training and if Eis is anything like her mama, she’ll be rolling around in the grass doing her own photo shoots and in her mini-kitchen whipping up some deluctable treats!

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    • She LOVED hunting for eggs in the grass and rose garden. I had to follow her to re-hide the eggs she was collecting in her basket.😉 if it were up to her, we would have skipped her nap to keep exploring. Xo


  2. Felicia

    You ate AMAZING and E is just gorgeous!! When did she become such a big girl! As always I love all the photos and her outfit is perfection! What a lucky little bunny! 😉 P.S. I love the little garden idea! XO

    Liked by 1 person

    • She loves the little potted “Eisley flowers” as she calls them. She waters them every day and already has more of a green thumb than her mama There’s a reason I stick to succulents-they’re hard to kill. 😉 xo


    • You are just the sweetest! I have been behind this past month but have a few post coming up this month. I always love reading your blog and so does Eisley. She loves scrolling through the photos of your little one, as do I! Thanks again mama! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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