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Happy 18 to E and 33 to me!

DSC04002 (3)

Eisley usually flies solo for the photo shoots (I prefer to be behind the camera) but she insisted that I state my age on a sticker for my birthday as she had so cooperatively done the first twelve months of her life. PAYBACK. With E celebrating her 18 month and me turning 33 this March, I thought it fitting for some mommy-daughter photos, all of which she felt the need to be flying over or climbing on top of me. I have no shame when it comes to making this little girl laugh, even if it means rolling around on our front lawn for all the neighbors to see-anything for that sweet smile. ❤

DSC03995 (3)

DSC04004 (2)

I am not a fan of selfies (as in I NEVER take them) but I had to try to replicate the three most popular “of the moment” Eisley expressions. At 18 months, there are three looks that are put on rotation throughout the day: the pout face, the oh so sad face and the stinker face. Obviously, hers are WAY cuter! 😉






  1. Felicia

    Ok, I can’t believe it took me so long to see this post! Absolutely adore these pics of you and E! It’s clear where her beauty comes from because you are stunning in these photos! So clever too…Love it! 🙂

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