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Lucky in Love

DSC03723 (2)

Here we are in mid-March and I am still trying to figure out where February went? It is Saint Patrick’s Day, my baby is 18 months (CAN’T wrap my head around THAT) and the creative photo shoots are a thing of the past. This lil’ leprechaun is half Irish so clearly I had to get some photos of her in something green (I’ve lowered my standards a bit in the props department.) In all honesty, I’m actually pleasantly surprised that I even managed to get a few shots of her in the frame (she is soooooo dang fast!)

DSC03715 (2)

The original outfit I had planned was a bust (way more attracted to sparkles and loud prints), the sweet kelly green, floral patterned blanket we brought back from our honeymoon in Ireland was a huge hell no (she refused to sit on the ground), and the green sparkly bow was insulting (birthday cake with a crown clip it is-Duh). All in all, this St. Paddy’s Day photo shoot was a little less “themed” and a little more “me chasing her around the yard with a camera” as she threw a fit. Welcome to real life momming! She is such a smart, curious and independent little lady who has mastered the art of changing the plan, whatever it may be. Of course she chose to sit on the water-less fountain that hasn’t been cleaned since last summer. It makes for a beautiful backdrop.

DSC03725 (2)

DSC03692 (2)

Such a sweet little face turned grumpy in about five minutes. She was over it! Thirty seconds later she was overjoyed and loving life. You would think that each of these photos is a different child (my little chameleon), but nope, just the ever-changing moods and expressions of a toddler in about ten minutes time.

DSC03698 (2)

My favorite little grump nugget.

DSC03720 (2)

Extra CHEESE please!

DSC03756 (2)

In my pre-mommy days, the words “unorganized” and “go with the flow” were not exactly a part of my vocabulary but since having Eisley, I’ve learned to appreciate some sweet chaos every now and again.  Heck, sometimes (I repeat, sometimes) I’ll even photograph it-tantrums and all.

DSC03685 (2)

Planning her escape route for future photo shoots.

DSC03683 (2)


My wee little Leprechaun this time last year. Don’t you just want to eat her up?! ❤

Wishing you and yours all the luck of the Irish and a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! xo

—>I promise the Easter/Spring shoot will be more organized. ;)<—



  1. Felicia

    Well for being unorganized this is just ok…..NOT!! Ha, I know you so I understand, but this is just as amazing as all the others! With a mom like you the rebelling for non matching, less glamorous clothing will clearly just be a phase! She’ll be begging you to help plan her outfits in no time! Loved reading your post as always! I can’t believe how big she is! I still want to eat her up! 😉 XO

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    • Thanks friend!! 😘 The lack of interest in what I have to say and the mood swings/sassy outbursts are in full swing over here. She is totally convinced she is two (as are Dave and I) and she will be the first to tell you she’s NOT one! 😁 xo


  2. amandafont2014

    I adore her independence and all the different expressions you captured. You will look back and this and have a true account of your wonderfully curious and opinionated 18-month old. My personal favorite is the grump face- so adorable! Happy St. Patty’s Day!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amanda, her grump face is our favorite. So serious! It comes out about every 20 minutes these days. This entire series of photos was during one big temper tantrum! Sooooo opinionated and I wouldn’t want it any other way! She’s definitly my daughter! 😉 Xxoo

      Liked by 1 person

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