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Itty Bitty Custom Kitchen Reno

DSC03357 (2)

2014 was the year for projects and my absolute favorite, hands down was renovating this sweet (but originally way too pink)  kitchenette for Eisley.  Christmas has always been a special holiday to me and now that I have a little person in my life, it has become so much more fun to celebrate.  I knew I wanted to give her a play kitchen as her BIG present and while there are a ton that are adorable as is, I have always enjoyed adding my own personal touch to any gift so that’s just what I did.  My 16 month old may not appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that went into this diy custom kitchen but the removable sink that can also be worn as a helmet and an oven that doubles as the perfect hiding spot for her shoes are the toddler-approved icing on the cake.


Originally, I thought refurbishing an old piece of furniture such as a nightstand or a hutch would be fun and cost effective but most of my thrift store finds were underwhelming and not that cheap.  I was absolutely thrilled when my husband found this cupcake kitchen on sale for $40! It came unassembled, which was perfect because I wanted to enhance each piece, one by one.

cupcake kitchen before


I decided on a soft grey paint for the cabinetry with a white mosaic back splash, white and grey faux marble adhesive for the counter-top and cobalt blue accented knobs and cooking accessories (to match my own, of course)! The Smart Tiles back splash I chose were an easy cut, peel and stick and can be installed over just about any surface. I found the white and grey faux marble counter-top adhesive to be a bit tricky. It only took me three tries but who’s counting? Luckily it comes on a good sized roll which gives some wiggle room for trial and error. Finally, no kitchen is complete without a touch of Julia Child so I made a kitchen plaque with some words of encouragement to cover what was originally a clock.

DSC03209 (2)

DSC03279 (2) DSC03264 (2)

DSC03268 (2)

DSC03273 DSC03216 (2)

I am hoping that my pint-sized sous chef  learns to love cooking and baking as much as I do so that in a few years time I can get her these ridiculous Le Creuset Junior kitchen essentials to match my own! These are the things that excite me! 🙂

DSC03260 (2)



  1. Felicia

    I feel like I daybthis every time you share some amazing thing that you, and only you, have made, baked, etc. But you have truly outdone yourself with this gift!! She may not understand now how much work went into this wondetful gift, but she will one day and she’ll also realize how lucky she is to have you as her mommy! Just perfect! And this pictures! She can work a camera! Love you two!!

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  2. thu

    I love what you did with the kitchen! We inherited a kitchen set but I haven’t gotten around to making it over, hopefully we will soon. So cute!


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