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Savoring the Sweetness | Eisley’s Holiday Photos

E Holiday 2 BBE

Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Thinkin’ and Prayin’. Plannin’ and Dreamin’…

I once read a card with the words, “I have an irrational fear of wasting a fabulous outfit on an insignificant day.” Well, the moment I laid eyes on this sweet-as-can be knit dress and deer hat, (complete with ears and antlers) my holiday card inspiration was born. I had a vision and this fabulous outfit would NOT be wasted, it would be photographed! Even though I consider every single day of the past fifteen months of mommy hood to be significant, let’s face it, my outfits seem to get more blah and basic as my daughters get more fabulous. My little Eis is an all about the accessories kind of girl, (favorite word, “shoes”)  so I knew she would need some darling Mary Jane’s to complete the look. When I tried the whole ensemble on E, my heart actually skipped a beat. She looked absolutely precious.

Aside from getting the little tornado to stay put for half a second, the rest of the props were pretty simple and consisted of items I already had lying around the house or stored away in the garage. I used the guest room comforter as the back drop, my crafting table top as the white ground cover and a birch branch which I potted and decorated with some silver glittery stars (as a distraction for little miss). Throw in a little fake snow, some pine cones and a bundled up baby and VOILA, winter wonderland, right here in San Diego!

E Holiday 3

E Holiday 4

E Holiday 5

By no means am I a professional but I do enjoy a little DIY stage prep and I always enjoy photographing this little cutie, no excuses needed. Watching those big blue eyes light up as she “oohh’s” and “aahh’s” over the magic of the season brings the biggest smile to my face. Did I forget to mention that my husband was standing behind me streaming Elmo videos to try and get her attention? Anyways, I’m fairly certain she will be in full protest mode by next Christmas, throwing the props at me and refusing to wear anything but a diaper so I’m trying to savor the sweetness of it all while it lasts!

E Holiday 1 close up BBE

E Holiday 6

Shop the look-Mayoral knit dress and The Blueberry Hill hat from Puddles children’s boutique | Shoes: Mini Melissa ‘Campana’ Mary-Janes.



  1. amandafont2014

    Absolutely adorable! The props create a perfect winter wonderland and the outfit is simply adorable- especially the unique holiday hat!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Amanda. Just like you, I’m a sucker for hats on little ones! Who could resist the cuteness?! This one in particular was so sweet and perfect for the holiday! Xoxo


  2. amandafont2014

    What a creative, festive holiday shoot! The winter wonderland backdrop perfectly compliments the sweet reindeer hat and dress.


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