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Thanksgiving in Sacramento

pile of leaves

If there is one thing I miss most about growing up in Sacramento, it’s the chilly fall weather and those big, beautiful trees! I’m talking some serious trees people, palms don’t make the cut. As the California state capital, our claim to fame is having more trees per capita than any other city in the world. There is just something terribly wrong with a San Diego weather forecast of 90 degrees on Thanksgiving, don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong, I love my adopted city two out of four seasons but during the holidays I get seriously homesick. Thankfully, we decided to take the 10 HOUR road trip up north (toddler-in-tow) to show little E what a real autumn looks like and of course, to visit with her Papa and her Gigi!

E posing with leaf

Our first outing was to the State Capitol to walk the beautiful grounds and to sneak in a fun fall photo shoot (compliments of my brother Zach) of little Miss giggling with delight every leaf crunching stomp she took. On Eisley’s to-do list: stop and check up on the rose garden to see what all the hype was about, inspect seven out of ten park benches we came across to make sure they were up to code, walk through each and every pile of leaves within sight (collecting one favorite leaf from each pile) and pay a visit to any tree that had dangling leaves within reach of a two and a half foot explorer.

under little tree

The wonder and amazement in her eyes made me want to return to the leaf pile jumping, pine cone collecting, ear-to-ear smiling, carefree days of my childhood and that is exactly what I did.

E close up in hat

I don’t think much can top a bundled up baby in a snuggly coat and warm hat when it’s cold outside. It is pretty much one of my favorite things in the whole wide world and guarantees at least a thousand cuddles and kisses. This cute, Mini Boden quilted jersey jacket (a birthday gift from Auntie Amanda) and festive Gap pom-pom hat were the perfect fit for such a crisp, breezy day.

E standing in leaves

E on a walk

Thanksgiving starts at about five am at my parents house because my dad spends about 12 hours basting the turkey while my mom makes all the fixin’s! I think I spent about 25 minutes in the kitchen this holiday (it’s vacation!) which was just enough time to whip up this NO BAKE, easy as marshmallow pumpkin pie with chocolate drizzle.  It was delicious and gone in under five minutes!



I’m not the biggest football fan and I was way more interested in taking pictures of E in her fall get-up (which made her look so grown up I almost cried). Off to the schoolyard we went to find some more (you guessed it) leaves! I purchased her fox sweater and plaid twill skirt from Janie and Jack awhile back, thinking it would be absolutely adorable for Thanksgiving. The girl loves her sparkle so these gold glimmer Tom’s were a necessity. She is such a little ham, always cheezin’ it up for the camera.

Eisley 1

Eisley 2

Eisley shades 1Eisley shades 2

A visit to Sacramento wouldn’t be complete without a trip to one of my favorite childhood hangouts, Fairytale Town! I knew E was at the perfect age to introduce her to some make-believe magic and what a fun time we had walking under Humpty Dumpty’s bridge, visiting with Mother Goose and The Old Woman in the Shoe, chatting it up with Mary’s Little Lambs and Three Billy Goats Gruff, dining in Sherwood Forest (where she was stood up by Robin Hood) and exploring the Alphabet Garden. The Alphabet Garden was so cute, I talked myself into making our own this spring. Oh, what fun! I’m looking forward to taking her back next time we’re up north.

Eisley in tunnel

Eisley in the cheese

E and dada

E and Gigi

Eisley and the goat

Eisley & mother goose

E in alphabet garden

E as Maid Marian

E watching pondE smiling by pondThat just about sums up our fun adventures in Sacramento this fall. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation spending time with family and friends and a surprisingly pleasant road trip (despite the twelve hour drive home with a nap deprived tot). I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Next up, CHRISTMAS!!!



  1. Felicia Smith

    I just love reading your posts! You seriously make me feel like I am wherever you are or eating whatever delicious treat you’ve made!! The outfit choices for this trip were so perfect! You of course had the best model to wear them as well! I LOVE the pics.!!! Little miss personality!! Glad you had a nice trip! Good job mama! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Felicia! You’re so sweet. You know the french berets come out whenever Gigi is around! Her favorite accessories are of course her shoes! I don’t know where she gets it?! 😉 It was so nice to visit the fam (and the fall weather)!


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