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pumpkin cream cheese streusel bars

pumpkin streusel 3

This not so little piece of heaven is what I am eating right this very moment. Two seconds after posting this picture I thought it would be best to confirm the rich, creamy, sugary yumminess of these pumpkin cream cheese streusel bars before preaching that they are in fact divine. I am now taking a short break to return to the kitchen to collect one more just to be sure. Yep, divinity confirmed.

The whole household has been under the weather the past few days and since I am totally over chicken noodle soup I decided to whip up a plate of these bad boys to lift our spirits (baby excluded). With Thanksgiving only TWO weeks away, this recipe is the perfect holiday breakfast or dessert to share with those you are thankful for.

pumpkin streusel 2



  1. Felicia Smith

    Well I already had my non vegetarian appetizer and my main dish, that being a butternut squash salad, planned for my ‘friendsgiving’. Plans may have changed! 😉 Yum!!!

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