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All hail the Maid of Orleans

Fire 3

A few months ago, my one year old daughter approached me and asked, “mama, mama this Halloween can I be one of the greatest female military leaders of all time?” It was the damnedest thing I’d ever heard. She mentioned that the national heroine of France she had in mind led the French Army to victory over the British at the age of 18 during the Hundred Years’ War. Although she was captured and burned by the British as a heretic, she was canonized as a saint years later. Given that All Hallows’ Eve is the night before All Saints’ Day, I thought it fitting for E to suit up for her big debut as Joan of Arc.

Chruch 3

Okay, so I may have embellished the truth just a bit about my daughter’s ability to speak in full sentences but the “ooooohhh woooowww” I received after she inspected each and every sequin of her blinged out armor verified that she approved of my costume decision. The inspiration for this hardcore toddler’s get-up came from my love of 80’s film and I felt an homage to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was Halloween appropriate. Clearly, if she can command a French army, she has no need for sidekicks but that wont stop my husband from dressing as Theodore “Ted” Logan or me as Billy the Kid. Hello, I live for themes!


Perhaps I have a slightly bizarre sense of humor when it comes to infant and toddler Halloween costumes but until she can in fact tell me in her own words who or what she’d like to be, I’m the boss. I thought it was going to be pretty tough to top last years Wednesday Addams costume but with the combination of her sassy, take charge attitude and spunky personality and my mom’s sewing skills, I think we nailed it.


Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!

What a difference a year makes—

Wednesday Addams DSC02643

*No brush fires were started, no babies were placed in danger and no famous French Cathedrals were visited for the purpose of this photo shoot.:)



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