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pumpkin whoopie pies with maple-marshmallow cream filling…welcome, fall!

pumpkin whoopie pie 3

What better way to welcome autumn than by baking up a delicious batch of these pumpkin whoopie pies with maple-marshmallow cream?! Yes, I said maple-marshmallow cream! The name alone makes my mouth water. The light, airy texture of these looks like a cookie, tastes like a cake treats coupled with a creamy, sweet filling  makes this recipe a go-to favorite any time of year.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I tend to make my pies whopper-sized, cutting down the amount to about twelve but hey, go big or go home, right? While the temperature here in sunny San Diego says summer, I’m happy to report my kitchen sure smells like fall!

single whoopie pie

I will also note that a trip to the Sugar Shack in Arlington, VT awhile back has left me with fully stocked cabinets of some mighty fine pure maple cream. It was just begging to be used so I added a bit to the filling for some extra maple goodness!

maple-marshmallow filling



  1. Felicia Smith

    Ummm….yum!! I don’t know why after all this time I am surprised by your baking creations! They are ways so delicious! You’re super mom! XO


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